Known as a girl slightly obsessed with penguins and not turning 30 and never growing up. I enjoy living in Florida, animals, and sci-fi. Wannabe/sorta writer and role-player.



Arthur and Sarah Duck Smith!
Sarah Duck Smith is the traveling duckie.  She’s the second traveling duckie to exist, created by the crew of Team Geek, a Relay for Life Team based in Illinois.  Last year, they honored Nicholas Courtney with a Brig duckie.  This year, they’re honoring the late Lis Sladen, who passed recently from cancer.
Team Geek is working hard to raise money for cancer research to find a cure for a disease we lose far too many people to.  The duckies travel around the globe, visiting celebrities, tourist spots, and meeting fellow geeks.  Then the journal of their travels, as well as pictures like these, and the duckie itself, are auctioned off to benefit the Team’s relay.
Please check out the link to learn more and to help Team Geek out with their cause.
New audiobook: The Four Doctors!
Are you my mummy?
Amy and her Centurion!
Parenting, you’re doing it right!  Little Amelia and her raggedy Doctor.
Yeah.  Yeah I did.  No, I’m not coming down from this high anytime soon.  Yes, he’s brilliant in person and a genuinely nice guy and he deserves hugs.
…yes, I squeed the second I was out of the room.  Don’t judge me.